Dear Pendergast Partners,

As the 2019-20 school year approaches, we are getting ready for our annual Pendergast staff Kick-off, and we are excited to once again give opportunities to partner with us to make the event a great success. Our Kick-off is slated for Tuesday, July 30, 2019 from 7:15 a.m.- Noon at Palm Valley Church in Goodyear. It will have a vintage circus feel with the theme:

As educators, we dream big for our students, staff, families and the communities we serve. We know it takes everyone in our district to make dreams come true. As a partner, we are hoping for your help. We are collecting donations for the Kick-off to make it a success. The Pendergast Community Education Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization so all donations contributed are tax deductible.

Your business or organization will be featured throughout the kick-off and on our website. You will be recognized and thanked in many ways and know that you have made a difference in the lives of our staff members, who are dedicated to the students in our district.

Donations can come in many forms. We would love to have the financial means to help us defer the costs to host an event of this type, but also in-kind donations of SWAG for the bags each staff member will receive (1,300), sponsoring a vendor table for $300 1-hour prior to the Kick-off event from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m., or help with circus performers to entertain and dazzle as people enter the church. Also, gift items needed for giveaways to staff throughout the year for perfect attendance and recognition - A year of a million dreams!  (Gift cards, gift baskets, stay-cation vouchers, spa days, electronics, etc.) A final form of support you can give to the District is by sponsoring an ad in our annual Parent/Student Handbook distributed digitally to 9,500 students in the District and posted on our website. (Ad copy & payment needed by July 1) – pricing is a follows:

Full Page Color: $1,000 • 1/2 Page Color: $500 • 1/4 Page Color: $250

Online donations can be made right online. Indicate what the donation is to be used for in the box,“Activity you are Participating in or would like to support.” Donations not indicated will go into the Foundation General Fund for use as needed. Prize and promotional item donations can be dropped off at the Pendergast District Office, 3802 N 91st Ave. prior to July 25, 2019.

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Many ways to support!

Vendor Tables $300

1/4 Ad (Online and Print) $250

1/2 Ad (Online and Print) $500

Full Page Ad (Online and Print) $1000